Friday, June 17, 2011

No Post for Awhile

Obviously there has been no post for awhile. I need to rectify that. My goal this weekend is to at least get some pictures up on the blog of new DBA armies that I have acquired. I've gotten an Early Etruscan army that is painted based, but needs some decals for the shields, and a Kappadocian army that is painted and based, but needs a few details on the cloaks so they look a little less uniform. I also have a Trojan War army that just needs edging on the base. All of these were painted by Bob Barnetson (a.k.a. Bob in Edmonton). Bob's blog is here. He has a new set of Greeks for me coming too.

I've purchased a number of medievals from Mikey Gees. They were all listed as Teutonic armies, but some are more like generic German medieval. But they are all nicely painted. I may have a problem getting some into formation, however, because their lances overlap the bases by a significant amount.

I've also bought an army I have wanted to try for awhile: Hussites. Nothing like seeing what five War Wagons can do. I bought that army to fight two specific opponents and their armies. The first (with his Later Polish) moved away and the second (with his Medieval Germans) doesn't game much anymore. So, buying my own Medieval Germans now seems like a brilliant idea.

Of course, just because I want to put up pictures doesn't mean I am ignoring the DBA Solus project. I have always gone through phases and I just have not cycled back to DBAS yet. I have been doing a lot of Flames of War of late (as indicated on my Dale's Wargames blog), but I want to get back to solo wargaming - just because.

So, don't lose hope! I will return to this space.

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