Sunday, July 10, 2011

DBA Later Mycenaen and Trojan War Army I/26(a) and (b) in 15mm

I have always like the Trojan Wars armies, and when I saw its composition for DBA, I especially liked it. And what's not to like? Four Light Chariots dismountable as Blades in the Biblical Age!

I finally finished touching the figures up. I will probably never get Old Glory miniatures again (well, except for AWI, I am sure) as they are just too frail and fiddly. I hate cast-on spears, and these figures illustrate why. Once the spear shafts start bending, they start 'snaking' and 'corkscrewing' and they won't be straight until just before they break off! One of these days I will probably sell off this army and replace it with figures from Black Hat Miniatures. These were painted by Bob Barnetson.

First up is the General (front rank, center) and the Nobles in their Light Chariots. Both the Achaian (a) and Trojan (b) variants use all of these units as a mandatory core. Again, they dismount to Blades!

Here is my dismounted Blades General unit.

Next up is my mass of Spears. The Achaians require four units, with an option of two more. The Trojans require four units, with an option of one additional. As there are eight stands in the picture, my two Warband stands appear to be mixed in. I probably need to mark them in some way...

These next are the two optional Achaian pike units. The figures are Essex, probably Early Mycenaeans.

Both armies require two Psiloi units. I chose to represent them as archers.

The Trojans have one required Auxilia unit (left) and one optional Blades unit (right).

Finally, I have the dismounted Blades units from the Chariots. It appears that I am missing a unit though. (That's not good.) These are Black Hat Miniatures, and I do think they look nice, if a little chunky.

I like the basing for this army, which is a little sandier and 'drier' than normal. Also, this is an army where you truly have to love cowhide!

Now with the units painted, based, and touched up, it is time to get these guys onto the field, even for a solo game.